When Google rolled out its updated Nest Aware subscription pricing last month, it celebrated by giving two products permanent price drops in the US. Similar reductions are now live across Europe, too, so more people can grab a Nest Hub and/or Nest Cam Indoor for a new low price and upgrade their smart home security.

The Nest Hub already got a permanent price drop at I/O last year when its name changed from Home Hub, down to $129 from its original $149. In the US, it's now down to $89.99, while the Nest Cam Indoor dropped from $199 to $129. More recently, Google Store emails have been going out to users in Europe — myself included — with news of updated prices this side of the Atlantic. In most EU countries, the new prices are €89.99 for the smart display and €139.99 for the camera, down from €129 and €199, respectively.

In the UK, where I am, pricing is similarly lowered to £89.99 for the Nest Hub and £129.99 for the Nest Cam Indoor. It seems likely these new prices were already live in certain regions and Google is only now advertising them, but we thought you'd want to know either way. Both are relatively old products now, so this isn't surprising, but it's a welcome change if you've been deliberating over picking either product up. You may also notice that Google has added €0.99/£0.99/$0.99 to the price of many things on the store, which is a sneaky way to earn a little bit more in sales — make of that what you will.

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  • Ibrahim Al-Alali