YouTube Music has picked up a familiar feature: the ability to swipe on album art in the Now Playing interface to change tracks. It's a surprising omission, and it hasn't rolled out to everyone yet, but customers coming from Google Play Music and other streaming services like Spotify will appreciate it.

Swipe to change tracks — can't believe it didn't have it before. Image via /u/AMO124.

The new feature was spotted just a few hours ago on Reddit and works precisely as you'd expect. Swiping directionally on the album art in the Now Playing interface lets you change tracks, as it does on most other music streaming services, including Google's previous Play Music. It's such a curious omission, I would have assumed YouTube Music already had the feature.

The new feature seems to be in a limited rollout. None of my own devices has it, even running the latest version of the YouTube app. These YouTube Music feature rollouts can take ages, as well, so it might not hit everyone for some time. Some customers were complaining just a month ago that they still didn't have the new Now Playing UI, which ostensibly rolled out widely in March. Even with all of Google's resources, the company had to delay transfers for the Play Music migration, and that's even breaking the YouTube sidebar entirely for some folks.

In short: YouTube Music is (at best) a little inconsistent, so you might have a short or a long wait ahead of you before this feature lands on your phone.

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