A few days ago, Disney+ removed its free 7-day trial, possibly fearing that too many people would take advantage of it just to watch the highly anticipated exclusive Hamilton musical. But if you're a Chromebook owner and haven't signed up for Disney+ yet, you can look forward to the return of the free 3-month trial for the service, a deal Google initially only offered through February 2020.

As with many free trials, your subscription will automatically turn into a paid one once the free period is over. Remember to cancel your subscription before the end of the offer if you don't want that to happen. You'll be able to access the platform through the end of your term then. The availability of the deal might also vary depending on which Chromebook you own, and Google states that it's only available "while supply lasts," so if you're interested, better act fast.

To redeem the code, head to Google's Chromebook perks website and click the "Get perk" button. Then, follow the instructions given and redeem the offer on Google Play by entering your promo code. Note that this deal is only valid in the US — Chromebook perks vary from country to country.