Spotify's winning feature is its customized playlists that offer you daily listens, commute-friendly audio, fresh releases from your favorite artists, family and couple-friendly mixes, a way to see your current or older favorite songs, and more. The service has now updated one of its seasonal playlists, Your Summer Rewind, for 2020 and released a new hotlist of the songs it expects to be this summer's hits.

The Summer Rewind playlist is customized for each user. You should find it in the app's homescreen, under the Made for you section. It's chock-full of tunes you listened to a lot over the previous summers, so you can quickly get back in the happy, sunny mood of 2019 and beyond — i.e. simpler times. This special playlist will be available for both free and Premium users in "Spotify’s Northern Hemisphere markets." The geographic distinction made me frown for a bit, until I remembered it's winter below the equator. Oops.

The second playlist, Songs of Summer, is a global list of 25 titles Spotify thinks will be big hits this summer. The list includes resurgent songs that are seeing more traction nowadays as well as new tracks that are predicted to become really popular in the next few months. You can get to this playlist with this link.

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