Viber has been releasing a bunch of new features and upgrades lately, from increasing its group call limits to letting users save notes and to-dos. Now the messaging service has launched a GIF creation tool on iOS... with Android to follow in the coming weeks 😒.

Viber says that the new addition to the app is another effort to make messaging more fun and communicative. The feature looks like it'll be an easily accessible toggle in the app's new camera mode, with options to add stickers and text to the GIF. Users will be able to capture new videos to GIF or import videos from their device storage.

With trimming options and the ability to set the GIF effects to things like an endlessly looping boomerang, a reverse mode, slow-motion, and 2x or 4x speed, it seems like Viber's initial release is already a pretty solid tool for GIF-ing up your boring old chats.

We all know that communicating via plain old text can be difficult at times. Especially for those of us who share a sarcastic sense of humor, it can be hard to convey the proper tone. Adding more interactive and emotive forms of messaging such as GIFs is a great way to improve the experience for Viber users and all their friends in the group chat.

“As we like to say at Viber, if an emoji is used to replace a word, GIFs and stickers can replace an entire sentence – and now with our custom GIFs – users can express themselves more accurately and do it in a more funny way,” said Ofir Eyal, COO of Rakuten Viber.

Though the GIF making capabilities have already launched in the iOS app, Android Vibers will have to wait for a few more weeks to express themselves through GIF.