Google's game streaming service is entering a new month with more deals and free games for its paid subscribers and just more games, period. From a game creator game — yep, that's a thing — to a sale on Metro Exodus, here's the rundown for what's new in Stadia for July (and the last week of June).

New games and DLC

The newest of the new games out today is Wave Break, a boating game with skating and gunslinging mechanics and arcade and race modes, inspired by the days of Miami Vice. Oh, and you get to play as an otter (are they otters?) in a white suit. It's all good. Grab it for $30.

Speaking of Metro, both Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux are now on the platform for $20 each. Then, more DLC will round out the week on Thursday with Borderlands 3: Bounty of Blood at the table for $15.

Pro perks

Those paying $10 a month for Stadia Pro will be getting a Stadia premiere on July 1: Crayta is a game that lets you create games and collaborate with other players inside of them. Talk about inception.

Also due out next week is Sega's Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, an evolution on the Wonder Boy platforming quest series, plus RPG West of Loathing. SteamWorld Dig comes in as a respectable last member of the quartet.


Stadia's adding on Metro Exodus and Football Manager 2020 to its deals counter for both Pro and free tier customers. Some savings on Metro's DLC are exclusive to Pro subs. Here are the details: