Passwords are an integral part of the internet, but also, they're terrible. From your parents forgetting them every time they try to log in, to getting compromised in the latest data breach, authenticating with a bunch of random text just isn't that great of an option. Luckily, Dashlane has announced two new plans to help families manage their personal security and privacy online.

Dashlane's new family plans come in two options: Premium Family and Premium Plus Family. Both plans come with Dashlane's headline feature of automatically filling out information for passwords, payments, and personal details online and across unlimited devices. They also include extras like dark web monitoring, personalized security alerts, and access to a VPN for Wi-Fi protection.

While the standard Premium Family plan for $7.49/month will probably be enough for many, stepping up to the $14.99/month Premium Plus Family plan will add credit monitoring. Other perks include identity restoration and up to $1 million in identity theft insurance.

Password managers have become pretty commonplace over the last few years. Chrome and Safari are even beginning to alert users whose credentials have been compromised by 3rd-party data breaches. It's important to keep an eye on your personal security in order to prevent grief in the future, and I can imagine these family plans being useful for people who want to help improve the security and well-being of their parents or children. Check out the new family plan offerings over at Dashlane's website.

Dashlane Password Manager
Dashlane Password Manager
Developer: Dashlane
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