An upcoming version of Google Shopping shows evidence of some new features that will enhance your online shopping. A teardown of version 52 of the app revealed assets relating to AR item previews (similar to those in the Amazon and Ikea apps), dark mode, and a Google Lens shortcut built into the search bar.

The item preview feature would give you a 3D visual of the items you're browsing. You can expect to be able to display furniture, appliances, or clothing and view dimensions right from your smartphone camera. In their teardown, our friends at XDA Developers discovered assets called “quantum_ic_view_in_ar_new_white” and “view_in_3d_background," both which support the idea.

An icon titled "quantum_ic_view_in_ar_new_white."

XDA also spotted a colors.xml resource file under "values-night." This could suggest that the Google Shopping app will adapt to the theming of your phone; if system-wide dark mode is turned on, the app will switch to it as well. The tweak would be a great addition for fans of darker color schemes and those who just want to save some battery.

The last feature is a Google Lens shortcut in the Google Shopping search bar, which XDA was able to enable via a hidden setting. Tapping it opens Google Lens to let you use your phone's cameras to find products online.

As with most features found in teardowns, it's not clear when or even if these will be available.