Google Maps is far more than a tool we use just for finding our way around, and there's a huge discovery component to it as well — who hasn't scrolled around Maps looking for a new restaurant to try out? And while the standard overhead view is plenty useful, sometimes you want to really immerse yourself in a place with a first-person Street View experience. So far, though, navigating Maps in Street View has come at a price, as you wouldn't see those discoverable markers for businesses and points of interest. Now that's finally changing, as Google deploys an AR-style overlay that bring place markers to Street View.

In what started as a very limited test, some users are seeing the same sort of location markers from the overhead Maps view appear in Street View. Hovering over these markers displays the location name and offers a snippet of information, while clicking opens up the side bar for full details.

For those who are seeing these now, the markers appear limited to certain larger cities, so there's clearly some curation going on here. While we've only heard reports so far of this interface appearing on Street View in a desktop browser, Google has confirmed plans to bring the feature to both web and Android users alike.

Updated with Google confirmation.