The long-awaited separation of Google Fi and Google Voice is finally complete, which means Google account owners can own Fi and Voice phone numbers. This means that Google Fi users will be able to make calls through Google Voice, that Google Voice users will be able to forward calls to their Google Fi number, and vice versa.

The segregation was announced on the G Suite Updates blog today and is relief for many people who would otherwise want to use both services without having to give up one or the other as Google had treated both as mutually exclusive. The change may take up to 3 days to fully roll out.

Fi users can click on this link to forward calls to their Voice number. Voice users must use the legacy layout through this link to forward calls to their Fi number. As was the case prior to today, if someone wants to port their Voice number to use with Google Fi, they will be prompted to do so when signing up for the MVNO.

Those who prefer to chat with Hangouts will need to choose to use that client either with their Fi or Voice number. After signing up for Fi, Hangouts will default to work with Fi — those who wish to don't want to use the Google Voice app for SMS and calls will need to go to the Hangouts app's settings, tap the Google Voice item, and check Receive SMS and voicemail in Hangouts.