Google Assistant's visual snapshot feature is intended to be a daily feed that provides you with all the necessary info you need to go about your day. Along with the weather, reminders, and upcoming appointments, the visual snapshot now includes...recipe suggestions. I mean, who doesn't like a good pizza recipe to start their day? Unfortunately, you can't remove it.

Recently, users have been noting the appearance of recipe suggestions in the visual snapshot. Similar content previously appeared in Google Discover as well. Annoyingly, you can't clear this clutter from the snapshot UI. All you have are options to expand or give feedback ⁠— you can't even turn them off from the Google Assistant settings.

Google's decision to include recipe suggestions here is bound to be controversial, but Google probably has its reasons. The recipe cards could be helpful to a lot of people right now. After all, many of us are cooking at home more than ever in light of the global pandemic. However, being unable to remove the meal suggestions from your Assistant UI is poor planning.

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