Google's Assistant may be picking up a new predictive trick that should save you a bit of time. A new notification asking if you'd like to trigger an Assistant-based command you frequently make at a specific time has been spotted, asking if you'd like to perform it because "you've asked for this before around this time."

The new notification in all its glory.

According to our tipster, the notification offers to perform a command ("lights on," in the example above) that you regularly ask the Assistant to do around a specific time of day. Tapping the notification executes the command as if you had typed it to the Assistant. Expanding the notification shows two options: Do it now, which is the same as tapping the notification, and Don't suggest this, which should stop Assistant from pestering you with the same suggestion repeatedly.

We don't know how many commands these suggestions might work with, or how widely rolled out this test is, but it's the first we've seen of the feature, and it could save time for those that use the Assistant very regularly for the same types of commands each day. It's similar to Alexa's "hunches" feature, which is meant to follow-up commands you issue with questions regarding further actions — though apparently, that doesn't work too predictably.

Stop the suggestion

This post has been updated to include the screenshot of the expanded notification and its actions.

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