Over the last few months, the popularity of videoconferencing services like Zoom has exploded. With so many of us working at home and unable to visit friends or family, video calls are a close (or distant) second when it comes to both work meetings and general human contact. Now that Google is stepping up its own competition against Zoom, we're curious to know which video call or conferencing services you might use.

In case you're out of the loop, Google has decided to start bundling its Meet videoconferencing service directly into the Gmail app, leveraging the fact that it's a default app on all phones that ship with Google's app suite to ensure almost every Android user has immediate access to it. For frequent users, that might be an advantage, though others could see the move as hamfisted and anticompetitive. Either way, it's videoconferencing war. 

But Zoom and Meet aren't the only two services out there. If you're making more personal calls than attending remote business meetings, you might be using Google's other service Duo, or you might have an extensive legacy contact list curated in Microsoft-owned Skype. And that's not to mention all the other services out there.

There are quite a lot of niche solutions, so our poll can't be all-encompassing, but let us know which video calling apps and services you use these days, and feel free to select all that apply.

Which video call or conferencing services do you use?

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