One of Stadia's more interesting features, State Share, is slated to launch along with the game creation platform Crayta, the timed exclusive coming to Google's platform on July 1. State Share leverages the fact that Stadia is based in the cloud and lets players join others seamlessly through links, making it easy to jump into a session with friends or streamers. It'll also allow you to bookmark specific parts of a game for yourself.

Crayta positions itself as a collaborative game creation platform that blurs the line "between players and creators." It will allow friends and strangers to come together and build their own worlds, stories, and games in a framework based on Unreal Engine 4. The option to jump back and forth between development and gameplay instantly is supposed to make this feel seamless. Another big focus is accessibility and inclusion, as the developers aimed to make the game as easy as possible regardless of abilities or prior knowledge.

Since many people will want to showcase their games and creations to friends, family, and audiences, Crayta is the perfect game to test State Share. Crayta's Publishing Director Chris Swan explains how the technology works: "At the highest level, what we're talking about is the ability to generate hyperlinks that allow players and creators to load into individual games and game sessions within Crayta." This will allow players to share their game sessions on social media, and it will be useful to streamers wanting to make it easy for viewers to join. You can also save a link as a bookmark to jump to a specific part of the game. To accommodate the different use cases, it'll be possible to create different kinds of links — there are permanent links, expiring links, and sometimes people need additional authorization, like if they want to enter a game on Crayta in Create mode.

Let's hope Crowd Play and Stream Connect aren't too far out, either — combined with State Share, those unique multiplayer features could have helped Stadia stand out of the crowd from the get-go.

Crayta and the State Share Beta will be available on Stadia starting July 1. The game will be free for Stadia Pro subscribers and cost $39.99 (€34.99/£29.99) for everyone else. There's also a $59.99 deluxe edition with exclusive cosmetic items and in-game currency, according to The Verge. The game will initially come with a few pre-created worlds to showcase its possibilities. If a lot of people jump on it, it'll probably soon be filled with all kinds of stories and worlds.

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