Carriers use all sorts of promotions to entice subscribers their way, and for the past four years now T-Mobile has been been handing out weekly freebies as part of its T-Mobile Tuesdays program. We've even seen other carriers try to spin up their own versions of the deal, to mixed success. But now that T-Mobile and Sprint are one, what does that spell for access to T-Mobile Tuesdays giveaways? After confirming plans to extend the offer to Sprint users earlier this year, T-Mobile is finally flipping the switch, welcoming Sprint subscribers who can grab their first deals next Tuesday.

A couple months back, Sprint users noticed that they could successfully install the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, but were presented with a "coming soon" message:

Earlier this week we started to get the sense that "soon" could be right around the corner, as a new leak gave us hope that Sprint subscribers were finally about to get access, with T-Mobile employees receiving word about training with the specific mention of preparing to offer access to "legacy Sprint customers."

A few days later, and we're now receiving our first reports from users seeing an updated screen in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app, finally confirming that Sprint access gets underway next week.

Next week's deals include a stylish fanny pack for free, credit for your Starbucks Rewards account, and of course — a couple cents off gas. Download the app now so you're ready for next Tuesday.


Updated with confirmation of Sprint access arriving next week.

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