Plex is one of the best ways to upload your personal media collection to the cloud and make it available on all your devices. Last year, the service added a selection of free films to stream.  Now the latest update to the Android app has made it possible for users without Plex accounts to browse and watch these ad-supported titles.

Starting with version 8.2.0 of the Plex Android app, users who download the app and do not yet have a free Plex account will see a home screen displaying a library of free-to-stream movies and shows when they first open the app. It's a lot like a typical streaming service with catchy category titles and poster art, except that all of these titles can now be streamed without creating or signing into an existing Plex account.

There is a small banner that shows up near the top inviting users to "create a free Plex account," but that's easily dismissable and ignoring it does not limit the app's ability to stream free films. Navigating to a specific movie's page brings up an updated media detail screen, showing off credits, extra bonus content, and the big orange play button. (Although the text on the button looks chopped off on my Chromebook tablet... might want to fix that, Plex!)

This comes at a time when many people are still stuck at home in need of stuff to watch. It's a nice way to let users trial the app without needing to spend the time and energy to create a Plex account first, so I'm glad that this feature is now present in the Android app. Plex recently added features like skipping TV show intros and the ability to host virtual movie nights with your friends, and I doubt the developers will run out of new ideas to implement any time soon.

If you're itching to get your hands on some free movies, but hate giving away your email address, the new version of the Plex app is available in the Play Store or at APK Mirror for your viewing pleasure.