It was a only a few months ago that the South Korean government authorized Samsung's Health Monitor app. It's a tool that allows Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 users to measure and diagnose their blood pressure wherever, whenever. Today the app has officially launched, exclusive to Watch Active2 users in South Korea.

Users will be able to take advantage of the Health Monitor app by updating the latest Watch Software via the Galaxy Wearable app. First, the app will require you to calibrate your watch with a traditional blood pressure cuff. Snap the Watch Active2 onto your non-dominant wrist, and wrap the cuff around the opposite arm. Once this is done, you'll enter in the systolic and diastolic values displayed on the blood pressure machine, three times. The calibration process is vital as it helps the watch get the most accurate measurement. Afterwards, all you'll have to do is tap "Measure" on the Health Monitor watch face and your watch will do the rest. Note that this works best when you're sitting still, and you should not alter your medications based on the watch's readings.

The Health Monitor app will also bring electrocardiogram (ECG) tracking⁠, the ability to check for signs of heart disease, some time within the third quarter of this year. Adding to the existing health tracking features like BPM and steps taken, Watch Active2 users will be better equipped than ever in terms of health and wellness benefits.

Samsung hasn't announced plans for international availability of blood pressure monitoring, but in light of this global announcement, worldwide availability seems likely in the near future.