Filling up several devices simultaneously can be a pain. Thankfully, some wall chargers come with several ports, making it simpler to plug in two phones or tablets at once. Aukey's product, which can deliver up to 18W, is now down to just $7 on Amazon, which is 55% off compared to its traditional MSRP.

The product can power two devices at the same time, but its total 18W output means it can only deliver half of that per outlet when using both of them, which won't be enough to fill up two phones or tablets at full speed simultaneously. However, it's an excellent choice to charge smartphones, earbuds, and even tablets if you're not in a hurry or use a single port at once. Its compact size also means it'll fit perfectly in your suitcase when you travel.

To enjoy the savings, make sure you apply the on-page coupon before adding the charger to your cart, which will bring the price down to just $6.75.