Motorola wanted to start a foray into flagship territory with its first high-end phone in years, the $1,000 Edge+, but it seems that a few customers are experiencing display issues that considerably taint its image. Many have taken to the Lenovo Forums to share pictures of their tinted screens and discolored spots that show up after prolonged usage. Thankfully, it looks like a software update comes to the rescue for a lot of customers.

Droid Life reports that owners mostly experience the problem when watching videos or playing games, i.e., when leaving the display turned on for a long time. As you can see in the gallery below, there are two distinct problems. Some people have tinted or blacked out spots towards the edges of the display while others deal with completely discolored, green-shifted panels.

Just a few of the images posted to Lenovo's forum.

A Lenovo forum admin acknowledged the problem and the company pushed an updated build (QPB30.188-48) with "improved display contrast and clarity" that should be rolling out right now.

While many people say that this fixed their problem, others still see the tinted spots and discolorations. The forum admin speculates that these units might have experienced some lasting hardware damage that the software update can't repair. Moreover, it looks like the greenish discoloration might be another problem altogether, as the engineering team hasn't gotten to the core of it yet. Motorola encourages these customers to see if the problem disappears over the next few days, but if it doesn't, they should send their handsets in for repair under warranty.