Google soft-launched its game streaming service, Stadia, with sales of a Founders Edition hardware kit that contained a Chromecast Ultra, a controller optimized for the experience, and three months of Stadia Pro access for $129. Now, after Stadia's full debut, what's now known as the Premiere Edition is shedding that Pro pass while also dropping its price appropriately.

The kit will still have a Chromecast Ultra that will connect your 4K HDR-capable TV to Stadia's servers and the Stadia Controller that routes inputs direct to said servers, but for the lower price of $100.

The price cut comes in alignment with the recent reduction in the free trial period for new Stadia Pro users from 2 months to one. That means Premiere Edition buyers can buy the kit and get 3 months of Pro (4 for new accounts) for about the same price as the old Founders Edition. They also lose out on the additional 3-month Buddy Pass that lets a friend try out Pro for free, though.

On their own, a Stadia Controller costs $69 while a Chromecast Ultra also costs $69 — the dongle is occasionally is on sale in the U.S. for $59, though, and is actually discounted as of writing.