The S20 series costs far too much, regardless of how good they are. That probably sounds rich coming from someone who bought an unlocked S20 Ultra the day of the announcement, but it's true. These prices have undoubtedly had some impact on sales, too, with the S20 severely underperforming. It's a shame, because other than a slightly disappointing camera, they are, in my view, the best phones on the market right now. If the price is the only thing putting you off, though, now is an excellent time to grab one from Microsoft, as they have all three models available for up to $300 off.

Multiple color and storage options are in stock, but the prices vary depending on which combo you go for:

  • S20 128GB, gray: $750 ($250 off)
  • S20 128GB, blue or pink: $800 ($200 off)
  • S20+ 128GB, black: $900 ($300 off)
  • S20+ 128GB, gray: $950 ($250 off)
  • S20+ 128GB , blue: $1000 ($200 off)
  • S20+ 512GB, black: $1,150 ($200 off)
  • S20 Ultra 128GB, black or gray: $1,150 ($200 off)
  • S20 Ultra 512GB, black: $1,350 ($250 off)

The phones are still insanely expensive, but certainly more palatable. Bumping up to 512GB is an option for the S20+ and S20 Ultra, but arguably isn't worth it when you can pop in an SD card. I wouldn't pay extra for the more colorful options either, as you'll likely be keeping it in a case most of the time. I'd recommend the base S20, or S20+ over the Ultra for a few reasons. Unless you have the hands of a giant, the Ultra is far too big, and other than the zoom capabilities it has nothing over the smaller siblings. It does have a massive battery, but I'm not sure that alone is worth the extra cash.

There's no expiry date listed for this deal, so there's no telling when it will end — hopefully while stocks last. This is one of the best prices we've seen for the unlocked models, though, so if you've been sat on the fence, this is a good time to buy.