There are many, many options for home security cameras, but most of those require a power outlet. Arlo is one of the most prominent purveyors of battery-powered cameras, and it has a new one to talk about today. The Essential Spotlight borrows some features from Arlo's more expensive cameras, but it sticks with 1080p resolution. It'll cost just $129, and unlike most of Arlo's cameras, it doesn't require a dedicated wireless hub.

The Arlo Essential Spotlight sports a mishmash of features from other Arlo cameras. It has a small (but probably very bright) LED spotlight above the camera lens like the Ultra and Pro 3. The charging port is on the bottom like those cameras, but it's just a USB port instead of the magnetic connector. The Essential Spotlight can also do color night vision like the Ultra, but only at 1080p resolution like the older Pro 2. Of course, color night vision won't matter much if you use the spotlight at night to illuminate motion.

Caught red-handed red-shoed.

This camera supports Arlo's dedicated smart hub, but it's not required. This camera can connect directly to your Wi-Fi network -- although, we don't know how much more battery power that might use. With the hub, Arlo's cameras can last weeks or months without a recharge. You can pre-order the camera today for $129 each or $349 for a three-pack. You can order the camera from Arlo, Best Buy, Amazon, and others, but they won't ship until mid-July.