This last week, Google's Stadia game streaming service finally expanded to support basically all Android phones — and even Android TVs in an unofficial capacity, if you've got a mouse and some time to tinker with it. At this point, it's been around for over half a year. So, have you tried it yet?

Stadia has been a polarizing topic among our readers. We think its a good value for folks hoping to play recent games on a budget. And the quality is pretty decent if you have a fast, low latency internet connection. While a Stadia Pro subscription increases your maximum settings and snags you both free games and discounts, it's not actually required. You can enjoy Stadia for "free," if you're willing to just buy games on the platform outright.

Between the free Stadia Pro trial and the wider platform support, there's no reason not to give it a try, assuming it's available in your market and you have an internet connection that's fast enough. So, have you tried it?

Have you tried Stadia yet?

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