Unlike typical robotic vacuums that use sensors to compile vague maps of your home layout, the new Roborock S6 MaxV employs dual cameras to “see,” detect, and even maneuver around obstacles on your floor. That means instead of driving through presents left by your pet, the S6 MaxV actively avoids obstructions that could create an even bigger mess. In this early bird sale, the self-navigating S6 MaxV by Roborock can be yours for $699.99 ($50 off) at Amazon.

The Roborock S6 MaxV’s twin camera system captures footage at 30fps, allowing it to identify problematic items — like shoes, power strips, or pet waste — and safely drive around them. In the same instance, the S6 MaxV places markers on a digital map of your home within the Roborock app, letting you know where the item was located so that it can be picked up manually.

In addition to industry-leading navigation technology, the S6 MaxV comes packed with a number of must-have cleaning features. For starters, it produces 25% more suction power than the standard S6, leading to a more thorough clean. Its extra-large 5200mAh battery can keep the S6 MaxV powered on for up to 180 minutes on a single charge; if that’s not enough, it can automatically return to its docking station for a quick top-off before setting back out to finish the job. Finally, the S6 MaxV’s high capacity 297ml water tank allows it to mop 2150sqft spaces before needing to be changed.

This early-bird sale is valid from now through Sunday, June 14; after that, it will return to full price at $749.99. To redeem the full discount, make sure you check the $50 savings coupon on the S6 MaxV Amazon page before proceeding to checkout. If you’d like to learn more about Roborock’s lineup of intelligent vacuum products, including the versatile E4 and the cordless handheld H6, check out Roborock’s website here.