We all need to put up the "out of office" flag every once in a while for an urgent event or some off-time. Those who've been on a G Suite team for the past couple of years could actually schedule OOO blocks on the web version of Google Calendar. Now, we've just gotten a look at how the feature may translate on mobile if and when it ever rolls out widely.

One of our regular tipsters who is part of a G Suite organization sent us snapshots from his Calendar app showing off a new menu that appears when he taps on the '+' floating action button. In addition to the existing options for adding an event, goal, and reminder, he has gained the out of office setting from the web.

Just as the case on the web, the app allows him to set when he will be away, choose whether to automatically decline new and existing meetings scheduled during the block, edit an automated reply message to invitations, and set the event's visibility. Specifically on the app, he can also assign it a color. After saving the event, a confirmation prompt appears to allow people to be automatically notified about his OOO.

Our source told us he's had this feature for the past few weeks on the phone where he has his G Suite account signed in. Any OOO events he creates is assigned to his G Suite account and cannot be transferred to his personal Google account. The OOO UI also does not appear on a phone without his G Suite account on it.

We'd think there would be other examples out there, but we couldn't find any. We at Android Police, also a G Suite operation, have not been able to get this new UI. So, it may be a while yet until Google flips a switch somewhere before we can start fencing off work from our phones.

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