More evidence for OnePlus rumored true wireless earbuds has surfaced in the latest Android 11 Beta that the company released for the OnePlus 8 series yesterday. According to details dug up by the folks at XDA Developers, they may be called "OnePlus Pods" and may have their own dedicated companion app. Other software details further corroborate that these new earbuds will be truly wireless, as previous leaks indicated.

Software details in the beta reference a "oneplus_tws_pods." (TWS in the context of headphones usually means "truly wireless.") Other code that is explicitly meant to measure the individual battery level for each earbud further confirms those truly wireless claims — that functionality wouldn't need to be present if they weren't. Explicit references in the Settings app's code also include the "OnePlus Pods" name, tied to a companion app's package name. Like some other earbuds, it looks like OnePlus will give these new Pods their own app.

Image from noted OnePlus leaker Max J purported to represent OnePlus's upcoming truly wireless earbuds from back in May

Previous leaks indicated we'd hear more about the earbuds in July. Unless that schedule has changed or was incorrect to begin with, I expect the pace of leaks related to the Oneplus Pods to pick up in the coming weeks.