The last few months have been very beneficial to users of several Google services. Meet, Duo, and YouTube Music, in particular, have received updates and new features nearly every week, bringing them closer to competing services and making them easier to use and recommend. Today's winner of the update lottery is YouTube Music, which is now officially supported as a media app inside Google Maps.

As many of us go back to the roads, we'll be able to set up YouTube Music as the default player in Maps' navigation mode. To do that, open Maps' Settings -> Navigation settings, and turn on Show media playback controls, then set the Default media app to YouTube Music. The streaming service joins three already-supported ones — Google Play Music, Spotify, and Apple Music — and will only show up as an option if it's installed on your phone (same as the other apps).

Now you can start driving and you'll see a new floating button with the YouTube Music logo. Tap it to get the playback controls on the bottom of the screen.

With this mixed interface, you can see your navigation instructions and change any of the drive's settings, while also seeing your currently-playing song and being able to play/pause/skip/rewind on the same screen. Tapping Browse shows a list of the last nine things (albums, artists, songs) you've played on YouTube Music to help you quickly switch without opening the full app, though you can still do that if you want.

Support for YouTube Music is available in Google Maps v10.43.2 beta, which is available on the Play Store and on APK Mirror.

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