Google's long-awaited transfer tool for YouTube Music debuted a month ago, and surprise, it's getting swamped. Google now warns users that transfers are "delayed" because of high demand. Transfers are still happening, but they're going to be slow enough that Google felt the need to warn everyone.

The transfer tool is available online and in the YouTube Music app. Despite being a few weeks out from the announcement, many accounts still don't have the option to start the transfer. Those who have started the transfer recently report it can take several days to get songs, playlists, and the rest imported into YouTube Music.

The alert in YouTube Music doesn't offer any real explanation for the slowdown. Perhaps Google vastly underestimated how much music people had uploaded to Play Music over the years. Regardless, Google is still rolling the tool out to new accounts, but I'd wager the pace has slowed considerably. At this rate, Google should be able to retire Play Music sometime before the heat death of the universe. Probably.