These days, many websites require you to create an account and log in to gain access to all features. Sometimes that can be a little sketchy, though, especially with the prolific data breaches that seem to occur every few weeks. That's why many services choose to allow users to authenticate themselves via Google or Apple, since it allows them to leave security to the big dogs. And now it looks like Reddit is joining those ranks, as authentication through both Google and Apple is rolling out starting tomorrow.

When the capability launches on desktop tomorrow, there will be both "Continue with Google" and "Continue with Apple" buttons on the login page. Clicking either one will allow you to keep on Redditing without having to manually input your username and password.

Initial work on Google logins first surfaced years ago, but it looks like Reddit is ready to start the rollout now, beginning with desktop on June 17th and expanding to mobile apps and the mobile web in the coming weeks. Eventually, you’ll also be able to visit the Account Settings of existing accounts and connect to Google accounts and Apple IDs from there.


In a post on /r/Changelog, Reddit says these changes will make sign up and log in faster and easier for users, especially those who aren't comfortable with confirming their personal email addresses directly to Reddit. Note that if you create a new account through one of the new sign up methods, you'll have to create a username within 30 days in order to comment, post, view your profile, or create a custom feed.

This seems like a nice quality of life change that will make things just a bit more seamless when using Reddit without giving up much on the privacy side of things. Reddit says all they will be collecting is the email address and assigned Google and Apple generated IDs, and that there’s no additional information shared between Reddit and Google/Apple.

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