Google has just announced a handful of changes that are rolling out to third-party Assistant speakers. As usual, some of these changes are old (Google loves to announce stuff way after it actually lands), and the very short version is that Google is opening up three important Assistant features to some third-party smart speakers.

Third-party speakers from Bose and Sonos are both picking up Voice Match, hotword sensitivity settings, and default media device support. Our readers are likely familiar with all these features, which date back from the last few months to three years ago. While some third-party smart speakers have had these features already, a few Assistant implementations, like the one used by Bose and Sonos, are drastically different and didn't have this support until more recently.

As always, Google really really loves to re-announce old features as new when it can drop a whole pile of them at once in a really vague blog post. Some of these changes have been rolling out to third-party speakers for months, but now it's all formalized.