A new Android version would never be complete without a selection of new emoji. While keyboards and apps can take advantage of the emoji support library introduced with Android O and display any emoji independently, having new smilies in the system itself means you can see them in notifications and in those applications that don't rely on the EmojiCompat library. Subsequently, the Android 11 Beta packs all of the emoticons from the latest Unicode Emoji 13 update.

Among the total of 117 new emoji, you'll find a pinched finger for that Italian flair, and we have variations of existing animals, like a black cat, and altogether new animals like polar bears, bison, beavers, mammoths, and dodos. Some foods and drinks also get love, like blueberries, olives, flatbread, fondue, and bubble tea. Regarding inclusion, we finally have an emoji for Mrs. Claus and for a person in a tuxedo or with a veil (as opposed to a man or a woman).

Head to Unicode's website for all of the new emoji you can look forward to. Android 11 Beta users will have to wait for a while until they can use these emoji to communicate with iOS-using friends — the new emoji will probably arrive on Apple's mobile OS with version 14, slated to be announced at WWDC later this month.