They're not Samsung's most current earbuds, but the first-generation Galaxy Buds are still a very solid true wireless option, featuring conveniences like USB-C and wireless charging. They retail for $130, but you can pick up a pair today for just $90 on Amazon.

In his review, Scott said the Galaxy Buds "probably aren’t the best at anything, but they do everything pretty well," and it's true that other options, even some of Samsung's own, offer better sound and better battery life — but not many hit the convenience-to-price mark the way the OG Buds do, especially at this price.

We've actually seen the Galaxy Buds cheaper than this, but these are brand new and being sold by everybody's online megaretailer of choice. The deal is only valid today, so if you're interested, scoot on over to Amazon sometime in the next 12 hours and grab a pair.