Twitter lists are a great way to silo content you find on the social network into small, easy-to-digest chunks, all while avoiding missing out on important tweets from accounts and people you care about. Now, lists are becoming more customizable on Android and, as a bonus, you can hide these lists' content from your main timeline.

Twitter began rolling out banners for lists on iOS and web a few week ago, and that feature has now made its way to Android. It's available to us on the latest alpha, but it could also be a server-side switch that's getting randomly enabled for users, regardless of version.

Open any list and you'll see the custom banner on top. Tap Edit list then the image upload icon on top, and you'll be able to upload and crop any image on your phone to be the new header. You'll have to make two sizes: a wide banner and a square thumbnail.

Left: Tap "Edit list." Middle: Tap the camera icon. Right: Upload and crop a banner image.

After you're done, save the changes and you'll see the new banner on top of your list. It only shows up when you open individual lists, and disappears when you scroll down, and it's not visible on lists pinned as tabs on your homepage. That's a good thing; I wouldn't want more wasted vertical space there.

Left: Crop a thumbnailMiddle: Banner saved. Right: No banner on the same homepage-pinned list.

One other interesting addition is the ability to hide a lists' top tweets from your main timeline. You can do that by tapping the overflow (three-dot) button on the top right in any list page then choosing Don't show these Tweets in Home. If you don't follow the accounts you've added to a list, you don't need this as they won't show up in your timeline. But it's a nifty feature if you have followed those accounts and would like to access them only through the list while avoiding seeing duplicates on your homepage.

Hide a lists' top tweets from your main timeline.

The two features are live for us on Twitter v8.49.06 alpha (APK Mirror), but they may also be rolling out server-side. You can grab the latest APK to raise the odds of seeing them.

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