When the Pixel 4 was launched last year, many people praised its fast face unlock system. It didn't do much good, though, unless it worked with the apps you used, and that wasn't likely at launch. Google introduced a new version of the Biometric API for Android 10 that worked with authentication methods such as fingerprints and faces, but it meant that developers had to add this updated API into their apps first. It took a while, but many bigger banking institutions are starting to support it, and now you can add Wells Fargo to that list.

Version of the Wells Fargo app is rolling out now with the option to use Face Unlock on Pixel 4 devices. Users will have to toggle the 'Enable Biometric Unlock' prompt on the sign-in screen to turn on face unlock.

While it's taking many of the larger corporations a while to update their apps to use Android 10's BiometricPrompt API, progress is being made. American Express, U.S. Bank, and Wealthfront all added support for Face Unlock to their Android apps since the start of this year, and most major banking companies have either already added the feature, or have announced plans to do so. There are still big names missing though, like Paypal and Chase, which only support typing in your actual passwords like an animal.

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