Looking to get an absolute unit of a wall charger? Look no further than RAVPower's 61W USB-C charger featuring Gallium Nitride technology. That tech means it's plenty smaller than other warts at a similar capacity and it's down to its best price yet on Amazon.

This charger has just a single, USB Power Delivery-compliant Type-C port. We haven't had an official review published on Android Police, but our Ryne Hager marks it down as a solid performer in his test notes. Charge your phone. Charge your tablet. Charge your laptop. This thing does the job and won't take up a ton of room in your backpack afterwards.

We've been tracking price drops over the course of several months for this charger. It started out life at $55, later settled at $36 for a good half-year, but has since made its way down to the twenties. We're now down to $21, a couple buckaroos off its last best and $9(-ish) off its current MSRP. It's definitely a worthwhile pickup, especially if you're looking to get back outside the house for work.