Google Voice has been a useful (if somewhat confusing) part of Google's product portfolio for a while now, but these days it's Google's Fi service that's getting most of the love. Since its inception, Fi and Voice have shared a confusing relationship, and users couldn't use both services on a single Google account. Late last year, Google began the process of decoupling the two, and now it looks like another milestone has been hit, as we've received reports that Fi users are now able to access Google Voice on the web.

Until now, Google has been very clear about Fi and Voice not playing nice together. On Google Fi's own support page it says once users activate Fi they "won’t be able to use the Google Voice website, apps, or Hangouts to make calls, send texts, or check new voicemail". It seems like Google is in the process of changing this, since Fi users can now log in to the Google Voice website using their Google account tied to Fi. It's worth noting that neither calling nor texting seem to be working yet, so while Fi users can access the Voice website, there's not much good it will do them.

Currently, Fi users can access Voice from the desktop web client only. That means the Android and iOS apps do not allow Fi users to log in with the same Google account they use for Fi service. Presumably that capability will be coming before too long in the form of an app update.

Following the separation of Fi voicemail from Voice back in November, it feels like this is the next step in the ongoing process of allowing users to access both Google Fi and Google Voice on the same account. While simply being able to log in to Voice online isn't a huge deal on its own, it's our most recent signal that Google is still working to disentangle the two services for the good of its users.

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