Phones are only slowly getting updated to Android 10, which is the first iteration of the OS that introduced a proper system-wide dark theme. That's why developers are only slowly adding the eye-soothing mode to their applications, but now a popular sales platform is finally on board with a new color variation: eBay. The e-commerce giant has announced that it's launching a dark mode for its Android (and iOS) app.

Head to Settings -> Theme, choose an option, et voilà: dark mode.

To check if dark mode is available to you, try tapping the hamburger menu in the top left corner, then head to Settings, and see if you have a new Theme entry under General. In there, you can activate the option of your choice: Always light, always dark, only dark in Battery Saver mode, or follow the system default — the latter should be the default option. If theming isn't available to you yet, you'll have to be patient, as eBay is rolling out the change in stages.

In dark mode, the app uses an extremely dimmed gray tone for backgrounds — HEX value #171717, to be specific. The search bar and some buttons sport a brighter gray, and the accent colors have been reduced to pastels to avoid jarring contrasts. That's not true for the logo, campaign banners on the homepage, and product images, but all in all, it looks like a great implementation that's good at portraying information hierarchy.

Other than the dark mode, you might also notice that there have been some general improvements to iconography and fonts, along with coloring the navigation bar background in accordance with the theme you've chosen. These changes have already been part of version back in April.

Old interface on the left, new interface on the right.

The update is currently rolling out as a server-side update "to the U.S., U.K., Germany, and Australia, and will expand to all other regions in July," according to eBay. You can try downloading the latest release of app to see if you're in on the changes already — it's available on the Play Store and over at APK Mirror. If that doesn't help, you'll have to wait.

We've updated the article to reflect the official launch of dark mode. Previously, it was only available to a limited selection of people as part of an a/b test.