The last few months have seen a skyrocketing use of video calling, be it for work or personal communication. Some services, like Zoom or Google Meet, made joining calls easier for groups of people by simply sharing a link, and now Duo is catching up to them.

Google had already announced Duo's group call link invite codes back in May, but the option didn't go live immediately. It's now working on various versions of the app, from v89 onward. Simply create a group by adding at least one member and you'll see the invite link right there. You can copy it or share it to another app, and when someone clicks the link, it'll open in Duo and offer to show them group members before they join. Currently, that only works on mobile, as group calls aren't yet supported on the web client.

Left: A unique invite link to shareRight: After clicking the link, you can see members before joining.

If you've already started a group call, you can still invite others to join you from the call's menu. Tap the overflow menu (three dots on the bottom right) then Share link to send it to a new person and get them on the call with you.

Share link while in a group video call.

These invite links are currently live for us on Duo v89 (APK Mirror) and 91 (APK Mirror), and they seem to have been activated server-side for most users. They're the latest in a series of improvements to Duo that include less reliance on phone numbers, family mode, and larger group calls for up to 12 participants. We know Google plans to expand that to 32, but that doesn't seem to be live yet.

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