OnePlus has always been a company that extensively relies on its community and word-of-mouth marketing to get its products into people's hands, even if the business is heavily investing in expensive marketing campaigns. To make it easier for its customers to buy new phones, communicate with others, and get support when they have problems, OnePlus seems to be exploring an all-in-one app that makes all of these options accessible in one spot.

According to a screenshot of a survey on the Indian loyalty program OnePlus Red Cable Club, first dug up by XDA Developers, the company is "up for the next big thing — a OnePlus app." It will offer a "seamless brand experience and integrate all existing ecosystems such as Community, Red Cable Club e-commerce, and after-sales service." While the community and support are accessible via the OnePlus website, things are a bit more complicated on the Play Store. The company has a dedicated app for customer support, OnePlus Care, and an extra OnePlus Community app meant as a platform for enthusiasts and fans. For new products, you need to head to the mobile website.

XDA Developers also got to take a look at the survey itself and reports that Red Cable Club members are asked to give advice on what should be prioritized within the app, such as "after-sales service and consultation, device health check, buyback values, Red Cable Club membership zone, ecosystem services, product feedback and tutorials, and OnePlus partner offers and co-branded merchandise." It even asks whether they would be willing to pay to use the app, though it's hard to imagine that OnePlus would pull through — it's probably just exploring opinions.

From the wording, it's clear that OnePlus is set on delivering the app and is now checking what customers want to see in it. Since OnePlus focuses a lot on India lately and the survey is tailored to its Indian loyalty program, it's possible that the app will be exclusive to that market in the beginning or even indefinitely — the company already offers extra software builds for the country only.