Dropbox has been slow to the punch when it comes to putting on its night vision goggles  — it's had good company on that front — but we probably didn't even notice when it put them on. Alas, we've done some work, made a few observations, and have concluded that the cloud storage provider's Android app does include a dark mode.

Dark mode can be found under the Features header in the app's settings. It can be set to follow your device's dark/light cycles.

There's a slight bit of confusion as to when Dropbox introduced its new palette. We were able to find it on all stable app versions through to 184.2.4, submitted on or prior to April 8 according to APK Mirror. That doesn't mean it first appeared back then — this Play Store review from June 6 claims that their most recent update "brought back dark theme," and even claimed that it was darker than before. We aren't able to verify any potential server-side edits made in the time between April and now.

Dropbox's dark mode for Android lags months behind its iOS release, reported by Cult of Mac at the end of January. Its companion drafting app, Dropbox Paper, had received a dark mode on desktop back in March, but that has yet to make its way to Android.