OnePlus has decided to slow down the pace at which it releases its Open and Closed Betas, switching to releasing them once and twice a month, respectively. This is down from the schedule the company has held since 2016, which pushed around two Open Betas per month and four Closed Betas per month. The company says these changes will give its development team more time to address feedback and bugs, and it should make future Beta releases more stable and reliable.

Today's news comes courtesy of a OnePlus forum post (the usual avenue of most of the company's non-product announcements), and the motivation behind the switch is clear: OnePlus is concerned that too many people are using its Beta software for their daily driver — not just to provide feedback, but simply to enjoy new features early. "Our beta program may once have been more popular among our most tech-savvy users, but it has now grown into something that includes people from all different backgrounds and with varying degrees of technological knowledge." As a result, the company wants to "provide a more stable and reliable experience," for those folks, and the change gives OnePlus more time to address issues and feedback from the Beta releases.

The private Closed Beta is moving to a two release per month schedule, down from four, and the Open Beta is moving to one release per month, down from two. While OnePlus hasn't always stuck to these schedules, they've been the goal since the company established its beta release cycle all the way back in 2016.

For customers running stable releases, nothing is changing: You can still anticipate an update once every month or two, but those of you running the private Closed Betas or more forgiving Open Betas can anticipate more stable but less frequent releases going forward.