Dropbox just unceremoniously dumped a brand new app on the Play Store with no fanfare or formal announcement. The new Dropbox Passwords app, according to its listing, is a password manager available exclusively in an invite-only private beta for some Dropbox customers.

Based on screenshots and description, the app seems pretty barebones — or "minimal," depending on your tastes. Dropbox seems to intentionally avoid calling it a "password manager," though its functionality otherwise appears about the same as other solutions. Like other password managers, Dropbox Password can generate passwords for new accounts as required and sync them remotely so you can access all your passwords on multiple devices. It also uses zero-knowledge encryption to store those passwords remotely.

The app claims to offer one-click sign in, so it probably integrates with Android as an Autofill service.  And based on the screenshots included in the app listing, Dropbox Password has plenty of icons for third-party services as well, so your list of accounts can be visually scanned through a bit more easily.

A screenshot of the app listing, in case Dropbox hides or delists it. 

The current version of the app is labeled as Early Access, and though seemingly anyone can download it, you can't actually log in without being invited, even if you're a Dropbox Plus customer:

What you'll see if you try to sign in without an invite. 

We might not know much about how the app works in practice, and as we wait for a formal announcement with more details, one thing is abundantly clear: Dropbox is moving into the password manager market with its own solution. And if it can pick up the right integrations, it could seriously compete with the big incumbents like LastPass.