The Honor Play 4 and Play 4 Pro are your typical high-octane Huawei smartphones at greatly reduced prices that won't be sold far beyond China. Both phones have 5G, the Play 4 has four rear cameras and vapor cooling while the Play 4 Pro has two in-display selfie cameras and 40W charging. But the newest attraction we can pick out here is that there's a special version of the Play 4 Pro that has an IR temperature sensor.

The infrared sensor, which takes up residence in the rear camera module of this particular 4 Pro, is able to read surface temperatures between -20°C and 100°C.

As precautions against the coronavirus pandemic remain in place, many public places and residences in China are still performing spot temperature checks on people using dedicated infrared thermometers — seems like there's nothing cannier like a development in mobile hardware as a response to the times. This might also call for an update to 2014's Seek Thermal plug-in IR camera.

The Play 4 Pro with the IR sensor isn't available to order yet, but the regular Play 4 phones are. The Play 4 costs the equivalent of $281, the 4 Pro is priced at $407 and the special 4 Pro is $421.