Samsung's Galaxy Buds+ are some of the best true wireless earphones available, with plenty of features, great battery life, and good sound. Not content to leave them as they are, Samsung continues to improve both the new Buds+ and the original Buds from last year through frequent software updates. This week Samsung started rolling out new features to the companion app, adding two useful homescreen widgets to compliment your earbuds.

The first widget displays the battery level of the Buds themselves, as well as the case if you have the newer Buds+. The other widget allows you to toggle ambient sound, as well as lock the touchpad. Having quick access to ambient sound is a welcome addition, especially for those of us that live in built-up urban areas where being able to hear nearby traffic can be important. Sadly, these widgets are quite limited, not offering the ability to resize them or change which controls are provided. It would be nice if Samsung later allowed us to pick and choose which settings were available on the widget, as well as expanding it to include more than two at a time.

One thing to note is that many, myself included, can't install this update through the Play Store. On my S20 Ultra, the app now shows as "incompatible with your device," keeping me on the older version. Thankfully, this seems to be a bug, as sideloading the update from APK Mirror worked just fine, and the widgets work as they should. In case you have the same issue, here are the APKs for the original Galaxy Buds, and Galaxy Buds+.

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