If you're like me, you've probably grown up with social media. You've also probably grown up enough to recognize some of your posts don't show the best side of you. With an easily traceable digital paper trail, you might not want those out in the public square. Facebook has made some attempt at letting users manage the visibility of their past posts — if only in very wide strokes — but is now rolling out a comprehensive tool called Manage Activity.

Users can head into their Activity Log to find the new tool. Manage Activity lets users seek out posts under a certain category, certain dates, or with certain people tagged — useful if you'd rather not keep a former relationship in sight of everyone.

They can then select whether to archive or trash those posts. Archiving removes a post from a person's timeline (even through their private view of their own profile), but it can still be seen through the Archive tab of the Activity Log. Trashing a post, much like the recycle bin on your computer, holds a post in the trash can for up to 30 days before it is deleted entirely from the account. Users can also manage where their posts go after they move them to the archive or trash can.

Facebook app users will see Manage Activity first. It will then come to the desktop website and Facebook Lite.

Alternate title: Facebook makes it easy to hide all those cringey teenage posts you made