If you own and use multiple Alexa devices, Amazon has introduced some new features that might make all of them useful at once.

Alexa users have been able to Drop In on another Alexa user or another device in the household for a quick one-on-one conversation. Now, they can request to "drop in on all devices" tied to a single account. The company suggest that this may be useful to contact people around the house for dinner plans. Users can also head into the Alexa app's settings to allow reminders to be announced on not just the device that received it, but on all devices.

A couple other features include the capability to share photos and emoji reactions through the Alexa app to be seen on their friends' and relatives' Echo Show devices and a new Daily Music Pick skill that plays a song, album, or playlist from an Amazon Music top artist.

In other news, the Echo Auto is making its way to Australia and the Lenovo Smart Tab M10, VW Golf 8, and Sonos Arc are getting Alexa built-in. More details can be found from Amazon.