Slickwraps is a popular manufacturer of vinyl skins for phones, tablets, and other electronics, but it has been having a lot of issues lately. Beyond the mediocre product quality and always-running sales (if it's always 60% off, is it ever really 60% off?), Slickwraps suffered a major security breach earlier this year, and now the company is having issues fulfilling orders.

Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms are full of complaints from Slickwraps customers who claim their orders have been delayed by weeks. In some cases, orders still weren't shipped after two months of waiting. There are also reports of customer service being non-responsive.

Got mine after 7 weeks. Won't buy again that's for sure. from Slickwraps

There are plenty of companies who have had delays in shipping and manufacturing due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, but Slickwraps has seemingly made no public statements about the delays. The official Twitter account (which blocked me after I covered the company's class action lawsuit) hasn't posted anything since March 23rd, and its Facebook page has been silent since March 22nd.

We've reached out to Slickwaps about the shipping delays, and we will update the post if we get a response.