Opera’s browser business may be struggling with heightened competition from the likes of Google Chrome, but that hasn't stopped the company from working on its existing products. The lightweight Opera Mini mobile browser, which once was the market leader, has been waiting for an update for quite a few months now. After a long gap, Opera is finally giving it a big visual overhaul with the app's latest release.

Just as you open the updated app, Opera Mini will show you a customization screen where you can pick the theme and the accent color from the get-go. It looks like Opera is yet to alter the new app layout for bigger tablet screens — the selection bullet for tablets is grayed out and notes "returning soon."

Moving into the main screen, you’ll notice that the accent color is now gone from the header area. It’s been replaced by a more subtle gradient shade, and a couple of buttons have been added above the search bar. Similar color shifts have been made in other app sections as well. The scrollable category heads for news recommendations now persistently sit right above.

Baring these interface tweaks, not much seems to have changed feature-wise. This facelift is being introduced with Opera Mini version 50.0, which is already live on the Play Store. You can alternatively download its APK file from APKMirror as well. Before you go ahead with downloading the app, you should know that Opera was called out for being involved in some nefarious activities with one of its side businesses not too long ago — just something to keep in mind if you're at all concerned about data privacy.

Opera Mini - fast web browser
Opera Mini - fast web browser
Developer: Opera
Price: Free