Google is a big company with a lot of initiatives going at any given time. Sometimes, however, these projects can clash. For example, the Google Advanced Protection Program makes your account more secure, but it didn't support Nest. That's a problem when Google is simultaneously pushing people to migrate their Nest accounts to Google logins. Today, Google has finally rectified this issue. Advanced Protection accounts can now connect to Nest.

The Advanced Protection Program is intended for people who need the most serious account security, like journalists, activists, and election workers.  Anyone can opt into Advanced Protection, though. This adds two-factor authentication with a physical security key (or smartphone), blocks most apps from accessing your data, and limits app downloads to the Play Store only.

With Nest support, accounts protected with Advanced Protection can now serve as Nest logins, making your Nest account much more secure and opening the door to Google's new, cheaper Nest Aware subscription. If you have Advanced Protection enabled, Google recommends that all users with access to your Nest or Google Home turn it on as well. Keep in mind, you'll still run into plenty of apps and services that can't connect to your Google account with Advanced Protection.