OnePlus has just posted downloadable images for the latest Oxygen OS Open Beta updates across the entire 7 and 7T series. Both updates (Open Beta 4 for the 7T/7T Pro and Open Beta 14 for the 7/7 Pro) include a handful of the usual bug fixes and improvements, plus May security patches, but there are two noteworthy features: Call recordings now appear in call history (in markets that have that feature), and the ambient display feature has picked up some eminently snazzy new clock styles.

Changelogs for both updates (which are identical) are just below:

  • System
    • Fix the problem that some software voice input cannot be recognized
    • Fix the problem of the disappearance of contacts in the address book on some devices
    • More clock style options now available in ambient display (Settings—Customization—Clock style)
    • Improved system stability and fixed general issues
    • Updated Android Security Patch to 2020.05
  • Phone
    • Now you can view call recording in call history (Move to the call history, click the three-dot menu on the upper right to access the call recording)

Again, most of the changes included in both Open Beta releases are bugfixes, but the new clock style options are pretty snazzy, and I'm glad to see them:

Above and below: Some of the new clock styles. Images via iamabhijeetpanda.

Not all markets have call recording functionality in the stock OnePlus phone app, but for those that do, the new integration of recordings into call history should make it easier to access them, though it might not be as convenient as the system Google just recently implemented.

Folks not running the Open Betas can probably expect to see these changes trickle down to stable releases for these phones in the coming weeks. But if your excitement to check out the new clocks overrides any caution, you can now flash directly to these Open Beta releases via the Beta tab for each device on OnePlus' downloads pages:

Note that download listing availability varies by market, if you want to be very careful, go to the downloads section for your market and find your phone.